Director of Health Care Services Özlem ARIKÖK

Director of Health Care Services Özlem ARIKÖK

I was born in 1971 in Kırklareli.

Schools I Have Attended:

1- Tekirdag Health Vocational High School 1990

2- Trakya University SHMYO/Department of Nursing 1992

3- Erzurum Atatürk University/Department of Nursing 2011

4- Beykent University Hospital Management Department/Master 2013

Institutions I've Worked For:

1- Edirne State Hospital 1990-1994

2- Kırklareli State Hospital 1994-2010

3- Kırklareli Provincial Health Directorate 2010-2014

4- Kırklareli State Hospital Patient Services and Health Hotel Services Manager 2014-2016

5- Kırklareli State Hospital Health Care Services Manager 2017-Present

Certificates-Participation-Training Documents:

1-Blood and Blood Products-Transfusion Practices Symposium-2005

2-European Union Cross-Border Cooperation: Bulgaria-Turkey "Professional Development Project of Healthcare Professionals" Communication, Counseling, Stress and Time Management Course-2006

3-0-6 Age Child's Psychosocial Development Support Program Basic Education-2008

4-Family Health Staff Adaptation Training-2009

5-Computer Usage Certificate-2010

6-Monitoring Protocols and Complementary Nutrition Education-2010

7- Movable Goods Regulation and MKYS training for trainers -2012

8- 16th National Public Health Congress -2013

9- TSİM-Diploma Registration Training-2013

10- First Aid Certificate-2013

11- Thrace Development Agency 3-day Project Cycle Management Training – 2014

12- T.C. Ministry of Health Public Hospitals Institution Health Hotel Management Managers Training – 2014

13-Occupational Health and Safety Basic Training – 2015

14-Patient Services and Health Hospitality Workshop

15-Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinatorships Evaluation Meeting – 2017

16-Health Transformation II. Clinical Quality and Innovative Approaches Congress -2018

17-Service Processes and Coordination Training of Foreign Patients in Public Hospitals – 2018

18-Hospital Disaster Plan Training - 2018

19-Productivity Practices Information Meeting -2018

20-Kırklareli Provincial Health Directorate Certificate of Appreciation-2019

21- Mother-Friendly Hospital Program Training – 2019

22- T.C. Kırklareli Governorship Certificate of Achievement in accordance with Article 122 of the Civil Servants Law No. 657 for their efforts and exemplary work in the COVID-19 Pandemic Process -2020

23- Certificate of Participation in the Crisis Management Symposium in the Pandemic Period 27/01/2021


Kırklareli Training and Research Hospital

Director of Health Care Services