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Our Hospital/Our History

History of Our Old Service Building: The first hospital in Kırklareli was built by the Governor Mustafa Neşe Pasha in 1894 as the "Gureba Hospital" in the garden of our current hospital and transferred to the Municipality. This hospital was small in building and inadequate in health care. In 1914, the founder of the Child Protection Agency from Kırklareli, Dr. Fuat UMAY and the foundation of a new hospital was laid under the management of a committee consisting of Engineer Faik and Mayor Muhittin Bey. The construction was completed by the Municipality in 1918 and transferred to the private administration. After 1922, it was converted into a 50-bed treatment institution. Until the 1950s, a chief physician, an operator, a head nurse, a nurse and two dressing men were serving. In 1950, the hospital was transferred from the Private Administration to the Ministry of Health. In 1955, a Tuberculosis Pavilion for 15-20 people and a Gynecology Unit were built in addition to the hospital in 1955 by the Tuberculosis Control Association. The modern hospital building with 250 beds was put into operation in 1973. Tuberculosis Pavilion and old buildings were demolished. In October 2005, our hospital was merged with the 82nd Yıl State Hospital. Since this date, it has started to serve as A and B blocks. Our New Service Building: The foundation of the 250-bed Kırklareli State Hospital, the construction of which was undertaken by TOKİ, was established on March 5, 2014 by our Minister of Health, Spec. Dr. Mehmet MÜEZZİNOĞLU also attended the ceremony. The admission date of the hospital, which was planned to be temporarily accepted on February 29, 2016, was withdrawn, and it was held on December 30, 2015 by the delegation formed by the Ministry of Health and TOKİ, and it was decided that the temporary admission was made effective from 04.12.2015. As of 01.09.2016, the Commission established within the General Secretariat has completed its work and our New Service Building has been received. Our hospital consists of 63.490 m2 open area and 45.905 m2 closed area. It has been moved to our new Service Building as of 16.01.2017 and continues to serve with a modern hospital understanding. The number of beds in our new Service Building was increased to 275 with the approval dated 12.11.2018 and numbered E2044. Within the framework of the protocol between our Ministry and the Rectorate of Kırklareli University, regarding the joint use of Kırklareli University and Kırklareli State Hospital, with the Authority Approval dated 09.06.2020 and numbered 761; With the Authority Approval dated 10.06.2020 and numbered E.1078, regarding the Kırklareli State Hospital, which currently serves in the role of A2 with a bed capacity of 275, to serve under the name of “T.R. Ministry of Health Kırklareli Training and Research Hospital” in the role of A1 with the status of a training and research hospital, with its current bed capacity, our hospital will be “T.R. Ministry of Health Kırklareli Training and Research Hospital” as of the relevant date, will continue to serve.