Chemotherapy Unit

Updated on 07 April 2022

Chemotherapy is treatment using anticancer drugs to destroy cancer cells or control their growth. It can be used alone or in combination with surgery and radiotherapy in cancer treatment.

The aim of chemotherapy in cancer treatment varies according to the type and extent of the disease. Goals of chemotherapy:

to treat the disease

To control the disease by preventing the proliferation of cancer cells and slowing their spread.

To increase the quality of life of the person by eliminating the complaints and symptoms related to the disease

Reducing disease recurrence when administered after surgery or radiotherapy

To facilitate local treatments to be applied before surgery or radiotherapy

How Do Chemotherapy Drugs Work?

The development and death process of normal and healthy cells in the body proceeds in an order and control. However, the growth and death of cancer cells has come out of this control process, and these cells begin to grow and multiply in an uncontrolled way. Almost all of the chemotherapy drugs are distributed throughout the body through the blood, reaching the cells that multiply uncontrollably, killing these cells or preventing their uncontrolled growth. While chemotherapy drugs destroy these bad cells, they also affect normal cells in the body. This is manifested by a number of side effects related to chemotherapy in the body. However, these undesirable effects of existing drugs on normal cells are temporary.

In our hospital, between 08.00 and 16.00 on weekdays, our chemotherapy unit has a three-bed capacity, a Medical Oncology specialist and three nurses. Patients who are decided on chemotherapy are referred to the unit after their outpatient procedures are completed. Patients welcomed by the secretariat are admitted to the unit after the necessary hospitalization procedures are completed.

If there is a first treatment or a symptom experienced by the patient, the nurse in charge gives the necessary training and goes to the treatment area.

For the preparation of drugs, patient information is sent to the Drug Preparation Unit located in the department. Prepared treatments are given to the patient in accordance with the drug delivery rules, respectively. Patients whose treatments are completed are discharged with their next appointment.