What is CBRN?

CBRN stands for "Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear Hazardous Substances". CBRN consists of the initials of the words Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear.

Cyprus; It refers to all of the dangerous substances that cause many negative effects on human and environment by spreading from chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear hazardous materials deliberately, accidentally or as a result of natural disasters.

Today, developments in the war industry and industry increase the risks of CBRN. All these risks negatively affect the lives of large masses of people. It also causes the death of a large number of people and the termination/change of living life.

The inadequacy of knowledge, use and control of CBRN substances has brought the danger to the highest level today.

The geostrategic and geopolitical position of our country, the risks brought by an irregular urbanization and industrialization put us at more risk in this regard compared to other countries and make it a necessity to be more prepared.

Our CBRN unit to provide decontamination when exposed to Chemical-Biological-Radioactive-Nuclear substances