Course of Menopause

The fact that the population of women in menopause and postmenopause is increasing gradually, and the knowledge of the health problems, preventive treatments and lifestyles of the period makes the problem a public health issue.

It is of great importance to provide counseling to women in premenopausal and postmenopausal periods, to support women's problems related to the period and their interventions with education programs, to prevent many diseases brought by old age and to improve women's quality of life. Thanks to the Menopause School, women between the ages of 40-60 in our province will be included in professional training programs. In this way, it is thought that the menopause period and the ability to cope with the problems brought by the period will be gained, the screening programs will be directed to the appropriate institutions, many preventable chronic diseases that can be seen in old age can be prevented and the quality of life of women will be increased.

Our Menopause School trainings will be carried out in the form of a 2-week training program for 1 and a half hours, two days a week, on the 3rd floor of the 6th Block of our Hospital. 1 hour theoretically interactive training, 30 minutes of muscle, breathing, kegel and relaxation exercises will be done. Menopause can enroll in our school from the Obstetrics and Gynecology outpatient clinics. You can also register by calling 0288 2141043 - 16205. Our Menopause School is a free education program.

Educational program;

 Week 1: What is Menopause? Bleeding Irregularities During Menopause


                Physical and Spiritual Changes in Menopause,


                Tests to be Done During Menopause,


                Breathing, Kegel and Relaxation Exercises


Week 2: BSE (Breast Self Examination) and Its Application


               Treatment Methods in Menopause


               Osteoporosis (Bone Loss), Importance of Nutrition and Exercise


               Breathing, Kegel and Relaxation Exercises